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Quality control Laboratory:

Fully Equipped Physical & chemical laboratory and Instrument laboratory to achieved with high quality product


Physical & chemical analysis

  • Karl Fischer (KFR)
  • Potentiometer (Auto-Titration)
  • PH Meter
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Analytical Balance
  • Bulk Density Apparatus


Sophisticated Instrument

  • HPLC
  • GC
  • GC -HS
  • UV Spectrometer
  • IR Spectrophotometer


Quality Assurance:

Regulatory and Quality compliance, ensuring swift development of projects and on-time delivery.


To comply Quality management System like URS, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, change control, Deviations, Product Quality review, Stability Studies, OOS, OOT, Instrument Qualification, Calibration Schedule, Process Validation, Method Validation, and Cleaning Validation, AHU Validation, Water Validation, market Complain.


Sr.No Instrument Name Make Supplier Model No Instrument Serial No. I D Number Date
1 GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Shimazdu Spinco GC 2010 C120953 QCI/AHL/G-001 9/28/2017
2 HPLC Shimazdu Spinco LC 2030 C L214455 QCI/AHL/H-001 1/29/2018
3 PH METER Labindia Labindia Analytical PICO PH PH18550106 QCI/AHL/P-001 1/29/2018
4 Balance Meter Shimazdu Glasschem AUW220D D450041097 QCI/AHL/B-001 1/29/2018
5 KARL FISCHER TITRATOR Analab Analab Scintific µAQUACAL10 2011-12/1058 QCI/AHL/K-001 1/29/2018
6 KARL FISCHER TITRATOR Labindia Labindia Analytical KAFI+ KK18120124 QCI/AHL/K-002 3/21/2018
7 AUTOMATIC TITRATOR Labindia Labindia Analytical TITRA+ TK18110111 QCI/AHL/A-001 3/21/2018
8 MELTING POINT APPARATUS Veego Veego Instruments MP-D 980919 QCI/AHL/M-001 3/21/2018
9 VISUAL MELTING RANGE Labindia Labindia Analytical MR-VIS+ MR17411212 QCI/AHL/M-002 3/21/2018
10 BUNSON BURNER Bio Technics India Bio Technics India BTI-10 3490 QCI/AHL/B-002 3/21/2018
11 Muffle Furnace Kesar Control Systems Kesar Control Systems GMP-MF 448-03/18 QCI/AHL/M-003 3/21/2018
12 UV Cabinet Sheetal Enterprise Sheetal Enterprise Simple ----- QCI/AHL/U-001 3/21/2018
13 Sonicator PCI PCI 6 Ltr capacity ----- QCI/AHL/S-001 3/21/2018
14 Vaccum Oven Kesar Control Systems Kesar Control Systems GMP-VO12x12x12 436-01/18 QCI/AHL/V-001 1/26/2018
15 Hot Air Oven Kesar Control Systems Kesar Control Systems GMP-OV200L 434-01/18 QCI/AHL/O-002 1/26/2018
16 Hot Air Oven Kesar Control Systems Kesar Control Systems GMP-OV200L 434-01/18 QCI/AHL/O-002 1/26/2018

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