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Plant No-2




The facility having Reaction volume about 60500 Liters of capacity with different MOC like SS-316L, Glass lined and HDPE Reactor - installed, and consists of typical configurations common to such industry. This is multi product Plant to cater the critical process requirements and safety of plant, personnel and products.


We have installed all reactors centrifuge and dryers with GMP Model with documentation as per quality management System.

  • Reactors : Cumulative 45.5 KL reaction volume with MOC like Stainless Steel (SS316), Glass lined, HDPE and Temperature range 0 to 200⁰C.
  • Distillation Facility: Three Continuous and Batch Distillation column with updated generation of Random and Structured Packing.
  • Filtration : Stainless steel and Rubber lined Centrifuge and SS Nutsche, Sparkler Filter.
  • Dryer: Stainless steel Steam Tray Dryer, Vacuum Tray Dryer, FBD.
  • FRP Scrubber: Scrubbing system is provided for scrubbing gases evolved during various reactions. One with water, second with caustic.

Equipment List

Intermediate Plant Equipment List

Reactors: SS316 MS- glass Lined HDPE
  2KL – 1 Nos. 6.5KL – 1 Nos. 2KL – 1 Nos. 8KL – 1 Nos.
3KL – 2 Nos. 10 KL – 1 Nos. 3KL – 1 Nos.
4KL – 1 Nos.   4KL – 1 Nos.



Distillation column: SS316
  1 Batch 6 KL / Continuous column 500 LPH : structured Packing column

Two columns in series for separation of tertiary mixture Cap. 500 LPH  having structured Packing and with 6KL and 3 KL Reboiler Kettle.


Centrifuge: SS316 Rubber Lined
  Centrifuge 36” : Installed Centrifuge 36” : Installed
Centrifuge 48” : to be Installed  


Dryer: 1 48 Tray Steam Tray dryer
  2 48 Tray vacuum Tray dryer to be installed
3 250 kg Fluidized bed dryer to be installed

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